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My Favourites and Best Web Hosting Control Panel at

MY FAVOURITES and Best Web Hosting Control Panel provided by

Before giving you reasons of why actually cpanel provided by is my favorite control panel, let’s look at what actually cpanel is, and what it provides. It’s a graphical website management tool, actually a UNIX based control panel providing graphical interface, simplifying the process of hosting a website. It is often designed for end-users and it is very easy to use. Internet marketers favor mostly cPanel provided by over other control panels because of its easy management and maintenance. It offers single interface to perform various important tasks, such as hosting multiple websites, create emails, upload and download data to your website, database and code maintenance, security etc.

User friendly

The user friendly feature of this control panel provided by is extremely beneficial for new webmasters with little technical information and to perform their tasks easily. For further assistance, cpanel provided by is actually divided into two components namely

Secure and Reliable

Cpanel have very mature code with almost no security holes for hackers. Your server is kept safe by internet technologies from the growing amount of viruses day by day by a virus scanner. So any malware is firstly scanned from the user’s emails, public and private domains. Besides that, it offers root kit detection and other multiple tools that helps you to lock your server and protect it . Reliability is demonstrated by its monitoring feature actively. It offers greatly enhances security through a combination of strengthened backend code and other utilities as well.

Control Panel

cPanel provided by is often a website hosting software program that assists simplify the operation of hosting an internet site. Here are the factors why it truly is my preferred web site hosting control unit cPanel is particularly simple to use and it makes web hosting a much easier task for the website owner! From the moment you log on to cPanel provided by

full feature cpanel

cpanel x3 full features, you will probably be astonished at how uncomplicated it is to find your way around the manage buttons plus the menus. The main page is clean, the varying functions are prepared quite neatly and most significantly, the menus are not in HTML codes! From the main page itself, you’ll be able to choose to manage any component of one’s server such as your e-mail, website’s stats and logs, security, databases and domains.

MySQL databases to activating auto-forwarding for your e-mail addresses, that can be found on the homepage can be learnt by way of their respective video tutorials. All the same, if your not into video tutorials you can still contact your web site hosting provider’s web staff. One of the greatest things about applying cPanel as your web hosting control board is its ability to manage every type of web sites! It is compatible with extra software program such as Auto Installers which makes the expertise of starting a site a great deal more straightforward. You don’t need to manually download, unpack and install web applications onto your server anymore. You can readily install WordPress if you want to start a web log or Php if you want to begin a bulletin board and update these applications in cPanel without having needing to on a regular basis re-install them manually. Your files will likewise be backed up in the course of these updates so you do not have to be concerned about losing data along the way. With the most up-to-date technologies in World-wide-web security providing by cPanel provided by

Being a self monitoring software, cPanel provided by is in addition pretty dependable as any failed services of the web server will likely be acquired and restarted automatically. If you’re a professional in web hosting, cPanel provided by can present you with the proportions to fully control your own server.

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