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As the number of websites increasing day by day so is the demand of web hosting increasing. Everyday many new web host come into existence. The price range of various web hosting plans are numerous but what is vanishing is quality of web hosting. Many web hosts claim to offer cheap and best web hosting.  When we say quality in web hosting what we mean actually and what ever is that is very valuable for new hosting clients as they are least known to hidden features and things clouded by pricing plans and free bi things which are not of any value to web hosting clients.

The Points which determines quality in web hosting

Following are some of the guidelines which determines quality in web hosting.

Control Panel

There are many web hosting control panels. cPanel is considered the most convenient web hosting account control panel so far. Others are not bad even but as far as cPanel is concerned even a beginner can manage one’s website easily by cPanel. The learning curve is very small with cpanel. So in my opinion cPanel is the best web hosting control panel even for begiiners

cPanel Themes

There are many themes which comes with cPanel. We can change as per our likings. Most of the times web hosts fix the cPanel to a specific themes. Some do it for the sake of branding while others do it for the sake of convenience. No doubt there may be some features of cPanel which are functional only in one type of theme. But overall features have other options but convenience of use does not have other option at all. I consider X3 as the most convenient theme for cPanel. Even beginners can use it easily. Even if a web host has restricted the changing theme option in cPanel still it must be made sure that permanent theme is X3 in your cPanel. Other theme provide better options for branding but not convenience. So opt for a webhost providing cPanel as web hosting control panel and X3 theme enabled. Its the best options for beginners.

Control Panel Features

Now this is the point where there is all the bargaining in web hosting. Mostly the cheap web hosting providing web host offer lucrative prices for various web hosting plans. The cheaper the plan the lesser the features of control panel they provide. The web hosting client who are beginners are trapped by cheap plans. With the passage of time they learn to make and develop their website. One they start growing their website they research on the internet and find that they need a special type of functionality which should be present in their cPanel. They find that it is not there and ask their web host for the same. And now the web host ask them to upgrade to a plan which contain such features.

Is this what you were researching on the internet while choosing a cheap and best web hosting. No it was not. If you are a newbie I suggest you to ask the presence of following features in cPanel in the web hosting control panel

Following Features is a must for a cheap and best web hosting

A cheap and best web hosting control panel should have cPanel as hosting control panel. X3 theme must be enabled in cPanel Themes. Additionally cPanel must have following feature present in the web hosting plan you choose. Ensure it first before buying.


  1. Backups
  2. Backup Wizard
  3. File Manager
  4. Legacy File Manager
  5. Web Disk
  6. Disk Space Usage
  7. FTP Accounts
  8. FTP Session Control
  9. Anonymous FTP


  1. Getting Started Wizard
  2. Video Tutorials
  3. Change Password
  4. Update Contact Info
  5. Change Style
  6. Change Language
  7. Shortcuts
  8. RVSkin Theme Changer


  1. Email Accounts
  2. Webmail
  3. BoxTrapper
  4. Spam Assassin™
  5. Forwarders
  6. Auto
  7. Responders
  8. Default Address
  9. Mailing Lists
  10. User Level Filtering
  11. Account Level Filtering
  12. Email Delivery Route
  13. Import Addresses/
  14. Forwarders
  15. Email Authentication
  16. MX Entry
  17. Mobile Pushmail


  1. Latest Visitors
  2. Bandwidth
  3. Webalizer
  4. Webalizer FTP
  5. Raw Access Logs
  6. Error Log
  7. Choose Log Programs
  8. Google Analytics Integration
  9. Awstats


  1. Password Protect Directories
  2. IP Deny Manager
  3. HotLink Protection
  4. GnuPG Keys


  1. Subdomains
  2. Addon Domains
  3. Parked Domains
  4. Redirects
  5. Simple DNS Zone Editor
  6. Advanced DNS Zone Editor


  1. MySQL® Databases
  2. MySQL® Database Wizard
  3. phpMyAdmin
  4. Remote MySQL


  1. QuickInstall
  2. CGI Center
  3. BaseKit SiteBuilder
  4. Site Software
  5. Perl Modules
  6. PHP PEAR Packages
  7. PHP Configuration
  8. RubyGems
  9. Ruby on Rails
  10. Optimize Website
  11. php.ini EZConfig
  12. Fantastico De Luxe


  1. Apache Handlers
  2. Image Manager
  3. Index Manager
  4. Error pages
  5. Cron jobs
  6. Network Tools
  7. FrontPage® Extensions
  8. Cloudflare
  9. Website Templates
  10. MIME Types

You can also see this image to see how it looks. All the above features are present in all cheap and best web hosting plans of Here is the image of one of the cPanel with x3 theme enabled on $1 web hosting $1 plan of wonderwebsites.

full feature cpanel

cpanel x3 full features

Click the cPanel image of WonderWebSites! web hosting to see larger view.

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