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How to Pay Invoice Online

Whenever you order any product or services at the next step is to pay your invoice. You can pay in many ways like calling and asking for their Bank and bank Account then going to bank and deposit amount in Bank Account and then asking to confirm on phone. Its disgusting. No one is that much free and above all its not wise to do it manually in this age of technology and online revolution.

There is another option to pay your invoice online.

Here are the steps. You can Click any image to see full and clear view in new window.

1Client Area Login from Homepage of

Login from Homepage

Step 1:- Login to Client Area

You get your client area login detail in welcome email from when you first time buy your product and service.


To Login Client Area you can Login from Homepage of or from the URL sent to you in Welcome email.


That URL is


If you want to Login from Homepage the image below describe all.


Step 2:- Go to Client Area   Client Area

Your Client Area after Login

After Login you will be redirected to your client area.


The following image describe well about your Client Area.








Step 3:- View Your Invoice


Your Invoice view

After viewing your invoice Click PAY NOW button.




You will be redirected to Secure payment page.







Step 4:- Secure Payment Page

Secure Payment Page

Secure Payment Page

On your Secure Payment Page select Payment Options

The Credit Card Payement Option will be already selected.

Fill the detail of Credit Card and proceed to red button named PROCEED to pay your invoice.

You can also select Debit Card as payment Option.

Procedure for Debit Card Payment is also almost same.


Pay by Net Banking

You can also select Net Banking as payment option explained in next image.

Secure Payment Page if NetBanking

Net Banking Secure Payment Page

Choose your bank.

Select it.

Proceed to red button named PROCEED to pay your invoice.


You are done.


Step 5:- Download your invoice in PDF format.

image paid invoice

Paid Invoice

Once you have paid your invoice your invoice will be marked as PAID.

You can download it on your Computer for Record.

The image shows how your paid invoice will look like.

To download go to your client area again and download it from invoices.


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